Find out more about our sponsor Burgos Film Commission.

Burgos Film Commission presents itself to the APCP to showcase its many possibilities when it comes to hosting a film shoot.

It offers a barely exploited territory, although with a glorious past for having been the scene of one of the most emblematic shootings in the history of cinema: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (Sergio Leone, 1966) and the now legendary Sad Hill Cemetery where the last 15 minutes of the film take place.

The proximity to the administration allows them to process permits quickly and with personalised treatment. They have the support of Burgos City Council and Provincial Council, as well as a very good relationship with other bodies such as the Territorial Environmental Service or the General Directorate of Traffic, essential “windows” for speeding up applications.

Burgos is the only province through which two of Spain’s great rivers flow: the Ebro to the north and the Duero to the south, which gives rise to radically different landscapes. Thus, there are great canyons, glacial lakes and extensive vineyards. In the capital, the Evolution Complex is particularly striking, complementing the historic sites of a city that is thousands of years old.

As the midway point between Madrid and the Basque Country, it has a long industrial tradition that is reflected in modern facilities such as the wine cellars, which have become buildings of great visual impact, alternating with ghostly-looking abandoned factories.

It is not possible to summarise all our possibilities in a few paragraphs, the best option is to come and meet them.