We know the theory, now let’s put it to practice – Master Class APCP

By December 7, 2021 Blog No Comments

In the last few weeks we have already informed you about the master classes organised by the APCP and today we are going to tell you more about the first installment.

As you can see, at the association we are very committed to sustainability and we want our industry to train in order to be an environmentally friendly sector.

We are aware of the environmental damage we can do to the planet and for that reason we would like to not only talk about it but provide tools to make it happen.

The first session will focus on the positions of  Eco Manager and Eco Assistant for advertising production. We’ve heard and talked a lot about these professions, so now it’s time to offer a more useful vision with real cases that can be used as an example for other productions.

This first session will take place at Makkers School on 26 January 2022.

We will have experts to lead this session, explain to us the role of this position, we will detail a shoot in which different actions were carried out to reduce emissions and pollute as little as possible, and finally there will be a Q&A session to resolve any doubts that may exist.

There will be limited capacity, but don’t worry because it will be possible to participate online.

From February, our streaming sessions will be made possible by our sponsor MIMETIK, who will provide us with all the equipment we need so nobody misses out.

The enrollment period will open, shortly, we will be expecting you!