11th Advertising Film Production Workshop: Ready to know the truth? Truth Hurts III returns with Azahara Ramos moderating the battle!

1. Ready to know the truth? Truth Hurts III returns with Azahara Ramos moderating the battle!

You don’t have to wait much longer! October sees the return of Verdades como Puños, one of the most eagerly awaited roundtables of our 11th Advertising Film Production Workshop. Already a tradition, this conference, where we bring producers and creatives face to face, will have the same format as in previous years. This dynamic is based on extracting papers with ‘truths’ written anonymously, allowing participants to comment with total sincerity on those points they want to reveal about the sector.

On this occasion, we will have Azahara Ramos as moderator. You can learn more about her in her biography.

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Is it true that truths hurt?

2. Come and see who continues to support the conference.

Oxígeno, APCP’s production company, will be making our 11th Conference possible as a sponsor.We welcome a new collaborator: Vogue Makeup, which was born from the desire to create different personalised looks for each client, creating different artistic versions where we can express in each situation a style, personality, strength, an idea; as a form of expression. Whether it is a special celebration, a shoot or any kind of fashion event. I always like to make sure I get the perfect look, to make them look spectacular, enhancing their essence and style, applying the necessary techniques for each client.

3. Stop the presses! Last minute, more press coming on board.

IPMark is a medium for “the creation of relevant content and events, especially around brands, agencies, marketing services and media”.

Anuncios was founded in 1980 as “the first weekly specialised in advertising and marketing in Spain. Its informative treatment of current affairs, written with the utmost rigour and independence by professional journalists and its exclusive distribution through paid subscriptions, marked a before and after in the specialised journalistic sector in our country”. Currently it also organises the events “Las IdeAs del Año”, “Premios Mujeres a Seguir” and “Mentes que despiertan mentes”.

LBB was created “with the conviction that agencies, post-production and production companies would evolve the way they do business (and that brands would interact with them in a different way)”. Since then, they have been reporting industry news on a global level.

La Publicidad defines itself as a media that reports on “all the news about advertising, commercial communication and marketing as you would like to be told”.