Women, in plural

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The world of advertising is constantly changing, and more and more initiatives are appearing that aim to reduce inequality and create a more equitable sector, with more representation and, therefore, greater equal opportunities.


Looking for a fairer industry (and society), a group of advertisers got together in 2016 and founded what we know today as Más Mujeres Creativas (More Creative Women), a collaborative and independent platform born from the union of more than 1,000 creative professionals that promotes real change. in the advertising sector, who work in favor of visibility and equal opportunities for female talent in the Spanish sector.


Más Mujeres Creativas have developed projects such as Mujeres con S, a mentoring program that seeks to introduce and train more women in the world of advertising, offering mentors and mentees certified and free training to establish a relationship over 5 months. support and high-level networking. The call for this program has ended on September the 3rd, but stay tuned because we will notify you of the next ones.


Más Mujeres Creativas is also in charge, together with the Barcelona School of Creativity, of the “Creativas en Serio” scholarships, where the award is a place for one of the School’s High Creative Performance Programs, for a university graduate who wants to become a creative.


In Más Mujeres Creativas they seek that the young creative women of today are endowed with the references, the support and the opportunities to be able to develop their careers under equal conditions. Because they believe that diverse advertising, made by women and men, will help evolve and improve the role of women in society.


Thanks to its programs and collaboration with Universities, agencies and festivals, more women are on the path to becoming great creatives.


You can closely follow the initiatives of Más Mujeres Creativas on their website or by following their social networks, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.