The platform “¡Publicidad, Sí!” asks the government to open an urgent dialogue with the advertising sector.

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Madrid, 25 March 2021

The Platform “¡Publicidad, Sí!”, made up of 19 companies and organisations from the sector, from advertising and media agencies and advertisers to the media and users, today presented the manifesto “For the future of advertising”.

The new digital reality is transforming the business models of business sectors. One of these sectors is advertising, which is going through a period of change marked by this digital transformation.

In this manifesto, the advertising sector offers the government its collaboration to build a regulatory model that will shape the future of advertising. 

The advertising sector in Spain generates a turnover of 18,720 million euros, which represents 3.5% of the entire service sector in our country, and more than 100,000 jobs. It is a leading and internationally recognised industry that includes 40,859 companies, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics, included in the Advertising Observatory 2020 report.

“For this reason, if we want the advertising sector to continue to add value to the Spanish economy and to be an engine for job creation, we need a regulation that allows us to continue to grow,” explained Lidia Sanz, director general of the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA) and spokesperson for the “Publicidad, Sí!” platform.

To this end, the signatories call on the government to open an urgent dialogue with the advertising sector to facilitate the development of a proportional, balanced and egalitarian regulatory framework.

In a society based on free competition, advertising is key to providing consumers with information about the different products and services on the market, thus enabling them to make informed and free choices. At the same time, it drives innovation by encouraging companies to outperform their competitors by creating differentiated products and services.

The Decalogue of the manifesto “For the future of advertising” cites, among others, the following fundamental points about advertising activity and communication: it supports the sustainability of the media, it is one of the most regulated sectors in Spanish society, it socially helps the most disadvantaged groups and it is an engine of competitiveness that guarantees growth and the generation of value for companies. However, in order to continue to play its decisive role in the economy and in society, it needs fair legislation in a regulatory context that places it at the forefront of innovation, which is why it is asking the Administration for urgent dialogue in line with the Government’s commitment to digitalisation.

You can download the manifesto “For the future of advertising” here. (Spanish)

They are part of the “¡Publicidad, Sí!” platform:

Asociación de Agencias de Creatividad Transformadora (ACT), Asociación Española de la Economía Digital (Adigital), Asociación Española de Radios Comerciales (AERC), Asociación para la Investigación de Medios de Comunicación (AIMC), Asociación de Agencias de Medios (am), Asociación de Medios de Información (AMI), Asociación Española de Anunciantes (aea), Asociación de Productoras de Cine Publicitario (APCP), Asociación de Revistas de Información (ARI), Asociación Usuarios de la Comunicación (AUC), Club de Creativos (c de c), Club Abierto de Editores (CLABE), Asociación de Prensa Profesional y Contenidos Multimedia (CONEQTIA), Federación de Empresas de Publicidad y Comunicación (La FEDE), Interactive Advertising Bureau Spain (IAB Spain), MEDIASET, Mobile Marketing Association Spain (MMA), Oficina de Justificación de la Difusión (OJD) y Unión de Televisiones Comerciales en Abierto (Uteca).