Talking to…María Jesús Horcajuelo

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If something defines people working in the audiovisual sector, it is the fact that they are real hard workers. From the APCP we have the resolve to introduce you to those businesswomen who have created their own production company. Therefore, today we dedicate this article to the founder and executive producer of Only 925, María Jesús Horcajuelo. Would you like to know more about her?

Building an audiovisual project need the exact proportion of different requires a variety of ingredients: knowledge, effort, courage, perseverance… And, of course, we cannot forget the final touch:  introducing it with a lot of love. All this… for
what, you may ask. To enjoy a process, that will lead to a good result.

Results like those obtained by María Jesús during her professional career. In her 3rd year studying Image and Sound she started working as a production assistant with producer Elías Querejeta. “That was my school. I learned a lot while working with him and his team”, she says. Although she was very young, she always carried a backpack full of eagerness: “For me, being there with the greatest  Spanish cinema was a dream”. A bag that she still carries to this day. In 1995, she joined the advertising sector and began working as a production manager at the Strange Fruit production company: “The team of professionals working at Strange Fruit, which was part of a large television production company, decided to become independent”, explains María Jesús. “It was a risky, but we knew the sector and had great hopes, so 4 producers and 3 directors founded Only 925 in the summer of 2000… and up to now”. Truth be told, although it was a bit hazardous, they have been doing pretty good.

María Jesús Horcajuelo

Only 925 is a production company that produces, with passion, for important agencies and advertisers in Spain. They possess the  ability to develop any project, no matter how big or small. They are also internationally present through their second brand, Team Works.22 years in this sector is a long time, and the founder of Only 925 finds it very hard to choose just one of her jobs.  However, if there is  something she is sure about, is that many of them are related to the team of people around her and who she considers to be her “family”. Some of the projects that Horcajuelo highlights are:

 Year 2000 – FAD by Igor Fioravanti. It was the first spot they shot. 

Year 2003 – ONCE – TAPAS by Luis Guridi

Year 2017 – SCARY CLOWN by Rodrigo Cortés for Burger King

Year 2020 – VECINOOO (Paco León). A short film produced during the pandemic

About the new projects the executive producer is involved  in right now, she comments “There are several, but this career has taught me that it is better not to talk about them until they come into being… So let’s cross our fingers and hope that they go ahead”.

María Jesús is certain about what it takes to work in this sector: “First and foremost, you have to like your job. When you tell people what you do for a living, they say… How cool!, no. But they don’t know the amount of work, time and effort, it takes. It is  important that you like your job and not lose your enthusiasm. And secondly, have a lot of tenacity, so that things go ahead".  To those girls who want to be part of the audiovisual world, this lover of her work would tell them to go for it, because “now there are many opportunities. The audiovisual sector, in general, is continuously growing and more professionals are needed each day”.

The aim of Only 925 is to be as enthusiastic as the first day in every project they undertake. As we have already said, dreams are not fulfilled, they are worked for, and María Jesús Horcajuelo has always known this. This woman has enthusiasm coursing through her veins and never stops encouraging others to fgo after the things they love. Because, like she says: “You always have to chase your dreams”.

By: Paloma Garrido