1. We continue to work to improve the industry. | 2 Draft General Law on Audiovisual Communication

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  1. One of the association’s missions is to establish relations with public institutions to improve the sector’s conditions.

Every week we meet with different organisations to work together to create a common ground.

The meetings we have held this week have been at Madrid City Council’s film office to improve filming regulations.


2. Additionally, this week the Cabinet Council has approved the referral of the draft General Law on Audiovisual Communication to the Congress of Deputies.

One of the objectives of the draft is to establish a level ground for all audiovisual service professionals competing in the market for the same audience. But the European directive imposes a limit, the country of origin principle, according to which audiovisual media service providers are only subject to the legal system and jurisdiction of the Member State in which they are established.

In the following link you can find the GENERAL AUDIOVISUAL COMMUNICATION DRAFT LAW, in the section “Economic Issues and Digital Transformation”.