Nabil Ejey from Antiestático spoke about “Filming with Quevedo – The importance of cinema within music”. 

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Belén Carrasco was responsible for introducing “We value the work of APCP producers”, a conference where three different producers talked about how they had successfully carried out projects. First, Nabil Ejey, producer of Antiestático, spoke about “Filming with Quevedo – The importance of cinema within music”. Ejey defined producing visual albums in music as a challenge: when the project was proposed, there was very little time and it was made possible thanks to the team and the directors of El Cielo. Complicity and a production design that was exhaustively controlled were the key to a harmonious work.

Exceptionally, the team controlled the workflows and worked hand in hand with the artist to understand the approach that was wanted to be shown. Ejey shared the three keys to the success of the production, which were necessary along with the organization: assertiveness, motivation, and empathy. In addition, the separation of the video clips and the ability for them to work both individually and in a 50-minute film has allowed the piece to have a journey that would not have been possible otherwise.