Master of Storytelling for Brands at ESCAC

By November 12, 2021 Blog No Comments

The ESCAC (Escola de cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya), announces the creation of the new master in Brands Storytelling, which will begin on January 31, 2022.

Luna Esquerdo, founder of Bambina Films and Marc Sánchez, independent creative director, will be the directors of the new master’s degree that will work with projects from brands such as Moritz, Etnia, Blackie Books or El Segell del Primavera.

The master’s degree will offer students training in the creation, production and filmmaking of quality audiovisual content specific to brands. Following the ESCAC philosophy, the course will be mainly practical and will have the collaboration of prestigious professionals in the sector, both from the advertiser, agency and production side.

In this way, the students will end up not only knowing the complete process of creation, production and filmmaking of audiovisuals for brands, but they will finish the master’s degree by shooting an advertisement, a fashion film, a video clip and a branded content and thus will have their first contact with the market, carrying out real projects for real clients.

After years of seeing how many students from both ESCAC, as well as film and audiovisual students in general, end up working in production companies or advertising agencies. And given that a large number of advertising students also end up directing their careers towards audiovisual content, due to the boom in the market. It was only a matter of time before ESCAC offered such a master’s degree.

The brand image of the master is the creation of Cris Mascort and Muchomorro & Pascual have been in charge of the concept of the campaign.

The master’s degree in Brands Storytelling joins the training offer of the ESCAC.

Registration is now open and the selection process will begin at the beginning of the year.