Plan B’s directors of photography triumph

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Plan B,

another one of our cherised sponsors, is dressing up because their directors of photography are unstoppable.

The nominations for the Goya Awards 2022 are out this week, and their director of photography Gris Jordana has been nominated for best cinematography for her work in the film ‘Libertad’ by Clara Roquet.

After a long time without being together at their summer house, the Vidal family spends the last holidays with grandmother Angela, who suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s. For the first time in her life, Nora (14) feels that she can’t find her place, she feels that she cannot find her place: children’s games seem ridiculous to her and adult conversations are still too big for her. But everything changes with the arrival of Libertad (15), the daughter of Rosana, the Colombian woman who looks after Angela.

Rebellious and magnetic, Libertad becomes the gateway to a different summer for Nora and the two girls quickly forge an intense and uneven friendship. Together they leave the bubble of protection and comfort of the family home and discover a new world in which Nora feels freer than ever.

But they don’t stop there, three other directors of Plan B have won different awards at various festivals.

Daniel Fernández Abelló 

Silver Award on Best Cinematography (above 2 min) at the SHOTS AWARDS 2021 – Mango ‘A Mediterranean Dream’ producido por Blur.


Mariano Monti 

Ha recibido el premio a Mejor Fotografía en el LCI Barcelona Fashion Film Festival 2021, por su excepcional trabajo en ‘Demans Club’ el fashion film de Mansconceptwear dirigido por Virgili Jubero y producido por Canada.

Gina Ferrer 

El jurado del Premio CIMA del Festival de Cine de Zaragoza concedió este galardón a Gina Ferrer “por la sensibilidad con que ilumina la historia y la delicadeza y respeto con las que acompaña la libertad de las actrices y por cómo nos hace partícipes de esa amistad en cada plano de una manera tan cuidada” en el cortometraje ‘Farrucas’