Introducing our sponsor: the AEPP.

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The AEPP joins the APCP as a sponsor for this year’s 10th Advertising Film Production Conference. If you are curious about who they are, keep reading!

The Asociación de Empresas de Post Producción or AEPP (The Association of Post-Production Companies) is a non-profit organisation that represents and defends the common professional interests of its members.

It is composed of image and sound post-production studies in the country that share the same artistic and professional worries. Their mission is to acknowledge the value of their high-quality work, which they practice with an important human and social commitment.

Complying with the current law, respecting competence, and acting responsibly in an economic and social level before the market and the people working with all the companies that comprise the Association; these are the cornerstones that support them.Associative culture is necessary in order to draw attention to our collective on an institutional and professional level. The more associates, the more representation before the institutions and other collectives.

An association without committed members cannot have a future.