“I’m not a racist, but…” Is Spanish advertising in denial? A talk about racial equality within our industry

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“I’m not a racist, but…” Is Spanish advertising in denial? A talk on racial equality within our industry.

This is the title of the panel discussion that we are organising at APCP for May 17th, 2021.

The event will be held at Makkers School and will be broadcast online. We will count with the collaboration of Ralladura de Coco catering and soon you will know more details about the time and how to attend.

The 2020 – VIII Commercial Film Workshop in Valladolid was a meeting where we all connected for the first time online, from different realities and parts of the world. We felt close even though we were physically far away.

At these meetings, the APCP made a commitment to create a racial equality commission to discuss inclusion in our sector and work to create new ways forward.

With this premise, we continue our journey by organising the round table discussion “I am not racist, but…” on May 17th, 2021.

We are delighted to have Lucía-Asué Mbomío Rubio as a speaker at the event. Lucía (Madrid, 1981) has a degree in Information Sciences (Complutense University of Madrid), a diploma in Documentary Scriptwriting and Directing (Madrid Film Institute) and a Master’s degree in Development and International Aid (Complutense Institute of International Studies).

She has directed and scripted documentaries and has worked as a television reporter since 2005 on programmes such as “Madrid Directo”, “Españoles en el Mundo” and “El Método Gonzo”. She is currently a member of the staff of TVE1’s “Aquí la Tierra”.

For two years she has had a column in El País called “Barrionalismos” and, in addition to continuing to collaborate with that medium, she writes and/or makes video reports for Píkara Magazine, Vogue, Ctxt, Afroféminas, Negrxs or Mundo Negro, among others.

She has published two books, “Hija del camino” (Daughter of the road) and “Las que se atrevieron” (Those who dared), and has participated in three more, “Tranquilas. Historias para ir solas de noche” (Quiet. Stories to go alone at night), “Metamba Miago. Relatos y saberes de mujeres afroespañolas” (Metamba Miago. Afro-Spanish women’s stories and knowledge) and “Cuadernos de Medusa. Volume III” (Medusa Notebooks. Volume III).

In 2017 she gave a TedX talk entitled “Do races exist?”, that same year she was chosen by the blog Africa is not a country, of the newspaper El País, as one of the most outstanding African women and in 2020 she won the communication award of the APDHE (Association for Human Rights in Spain).

If you have ever heard or said “I’m not a racist, but…” we invite you to attend this round table discussion to broaden your horizons and welcome different views on the fact of racial non-equality in the Spanish advertising industry.

Soon we will inform you how to buy a ticket and the exact time of the event.