Green The Bid, your right hand to make sustainable productions.

The production sector sends thousands of tons of waste to landfills every year. We have in our hands the ability to make all our productions zero waste.

Green The Bid is a grassroots initiative and community created to help the advertising industry shift to zero waste, carbon neutral, sustainable and regenerative practices.

A coalition of volunteers, led by its founding members and business community stakeholders (brands, agencies, production companies, post-production facilities, suppliers and affiliates) who are committed to joining in this important effort.

Green The Bid is your ally to make sustainable productions. They have created the framework for the adoption of widespread green practices in the industry. And in this way help the sector to implement this work system so necessary to care for and protect our planet.

Environmental measures in production are everyone’s responsibility, and at Green The Bid they know it, it is for this reason that their production members commit to add, and advocate for lines of work focused on the sustainability of each shoot as standard practice.

Additionally, production members agree to actively partner with a sustainability consultant, or work to implement sustainable practices independently on each shoot, supporting their suppliers to meet industry standards and encouraging all partners in the process. of production, from pre-production to post-production, to adhere to these standards and practices.

Sustainability consultants can help with specific needs arising from the complexities of production. More and more producers are using sustainability specialists to handle needs that arise both with the supply of materials and services and with the disposal of waste and reusable items.

This is your opportunity to join this great green tide that comes to change our future and take care of our planet. Will you join?