End of the 1st season of Collective Creative.

By June 10, 2022 Blog No Comments

Collective Creative is coming to an end, a project by c de c and Instagram to promote collective creativity among brands, creatives and creators.

In the 1st season, they focused on success cases that have taken place in Spain in the last year, which show that when the knowledge and skills of creatives are combined with the talent and trust generated by creators, the relationship between brands and communities is strengthened and gains in impact.

They have analysed 4 cases, 3 of which were produced by APCP production companies, which show the results of putting the work that creators and creatives do together at the service of a brand.

The cases were: “Bank never wins” How to create a brand in record time; “Trapped in the 90s” How to connect with difficult audiences, produced by Landia; “With a lot of accent” How to achieve credibility with the help of creators, produced by Primo; and “What’s done is done” How to underline the creative essence of a brand, produced by Garlic.

If you haven’t seen these fantastic chapters yet, here you go.