Special events:  Cannes Lions

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With one foot already on the beach at Cannes, we wanted to create a special section in our events section about the activities that will take place from 20 to 24 June at the Cannes Lions festival.

Monday 20th

Each day will kick off with a showcase of what are considered to be the “best campaigns in the world”, in a viewing that will last until 6pm. It brings together the thousands of pieces that are sent to Cannes: they promise to inspire, to have experts answering questions and above all to bring together and unite people from the sector in a unique context.

  • The morning will continue with a series of conferences, including talks by Garry Kasparov, Richard Edelman, Todd Kaplan, Luis Miguel Messianu and Marc Mathieu. With topics as varied as the responsibility of companies to act ethically or the importance of collaborating in order to be more creative, these talks not only invite reflection but also provide tools to improve daily work. This is demonstrated by the questions to be answered in ‘AB InBev and Microsoft – Two Titans of Creative Effectiveness’ (at 11:00 in The Forum, Palais I) and ‘Finding the Fan in Everyone – How McDonald’s Found Its Voice’ (at 11:30 in the Debussy Theatre, Palais I). In them Kathleen Hall, Marcel Marcondes, Morgan Flatley and Neal Arthur ask “do brands need to have a purpose to be successful?”, “how to implement some creative effectiveness?”, “how to maximise impact?” or “how to connect with different communities?”. Other companies such as Nike, Adidas and Heineken will also have a space to talk about their vision, also on such important topics as female leadership in the industry.
  • The Changemakers’ series will give a platform to women who have brought about a real revolution in the workplace and opens with ‘Vicky Free, Adidas’ (at 15:30 on the Terrace Stage, The Terrace).
  • The Internet is also high on the agenda, with discussions on how to make the virtual environment safer and more pleasant, how creativity affects e-commerce and a masterclass on Amazon Ads led by Debbie Millman, Adam Harris and Roxane Gay (at 13:00 in the Amazon Port).
  • Finally, the prize-giving ceremony will take place every day at 19:00 in the Lumiere Theatre, Palais I.

Tuesday 21

  • Day 2 Cannes Lions dives deep into the metaverse with ‘The NFT Revolution and What It Means For Brands’ (10:30 at Debussy Theatre, Palais I), ‘CMOs in the Spotlight – VICE Media Group, Lowe’s ‘(at 10:30 on the Terrace Stage, The Terrace), ‘3 Simple Steps – Brand-building in the Metaverse’ (at 10:45 on the Discovery Stage, Palais I). In them will be voices as recognizable as Paris Hilton, Nadja Bellan-White and Cassandra Napoli.
  • Dentsu x AdNet Zero: ‘Changing Behaviours for More Sustainable Futures Talk’ (from 11:45AM to 12:30 PM at the Dentsu Beach House).
  • There will also be continued talk about creativity and new ways to innovate in today’s landscape, with ‘Harris Reed – Fluidity is the Future of Creativity’ (at 11:30AM in the Debussy Theatre, Palais I) or ‘All the World’s a Stage – Getting Immersive Storytelling Right’ (at 11:30AM in Terrace Stage, The Terrace).
  • Google, Disney Advertising and Dove will also be participating as events from each of the firms, each specialising in their respective subject matter. The former will be reporting on the advances made in providing more reliable answers to internet searches, while Dove will focus on the key to the success of its Self-Esteem Project (at 13:00 in The Forum, Palais I) and Disney Advertising (at 12:00 in the Lumiere Theatre, Palais I) on the need to question everything.
  • For its part, Amazon will be present at ‘Discovering the Next Generation of Creative Storytellers’ (at 13:30 in the Amazon Port) focusing on the companies’ quest to find new talent to keep moving forward.
  • The Gerety Awards returns to Cannes on Tuesday 21 June to celebrate the shortlist at its now famous Diamond BBQ party with hosts
  • Tantor Films and partners Owned by Women, De Falcon and MSQ Partners. The event is by invitation only. Jury members from this and previous years, participants and friends of the Gerety Awards can find more information here.
  • Of course you can’t miss our ‘Shooting in Spain’ event at 17:00 at the Grand Hotel in Cannes, to showcase Spanish production. It will be a meeting between advertisers, agencies, production companies and service companies of the sector.

Wednesday 22

  • The World Producers Summit (invited guests only): 9:30AM to 11:30AM at the APA x LBB & Friends Beach.
  • Advertising Association x Kantar: ‘Cracking The Creative Code’ (9:30AM to 11:30AM at Kantar Apartment)
  • Wednesday sees the return of the ‘Secret Speaker’ sessions, with inspirational voices motivating you to do something different. Today’s session, in particular, promises to make you laugh and cry (at 10:45AM in The Forum, Palais I). The debate on the evolution of the internet continues with ‘But Are They Real? The Rise of Virtual Influencers’ by Joe McDonnell (at 13:30 in the Discovery Stage, Palais I), who will discuss the points that should be considered before collaborating with this type of influencer and whether there are different models of influencers.

  • As for the day’s guest speakers, Ryan Reynolds will talk about storytelling to propose a new way of making ads, to create in a more risky way in which humour is a fundamental part (at 10:00 in the Lumiere Theatre, Palais I). Then, in ‘CMOs in the Spotlight – The Lego Group, L’Oreal’ Julia Goldin and Asmita Dubey will discuss the issues challenging companies today (at 10:30 on the Terrace Stage, The Terrace).
  • Coca-Cola joins forces with Bain & Company to discuss the ability to experiment in advertising and how this can be a big advantage in media, asking whether it has a real and positive impact on business (11:00 at The Forum, Palais I). 
  • Tantor BBQ Sessions ’22 x De Falcon: ‘Live Show by De Falcon’ (from 1PM to 5PM at 13 AV Wester Weymiss, 06400)

Thursday 23

  • Thursday morning will start differently from the previous mornings, with the ‘Exhibition of the Work’ with the viewing of the ads, and the option of a sports training session organised by Amazon (at 09:00 at the Amazon Port).
  • Advertising Association: ‘All In: Creating An Inclusive Workplace For All’ (9AM to 10:45AM at APA x LBB & Friends Beach)
  • AdNet Zero x Google: ‘Connecting on Climate Change: The CMO’s Role in Driving Sustainability’ (from 10:45AM to 12:30PM on the main stage at Google Beach).
  • Following this, META will have its famous beach, where ‘The Future of Avatars’ (at 09:00 on Meta Beach), a talk about identity and creating opportunities in the metaverse, will take place. Advice will be given to brands and creators on how to navigate the metaverse. In addition to the events, META Beach will be open from Monday to Thursday.
  • Split Personality – The Two Sides of Gen Z’ (at 10:45 on the Discovery Stage, Palais I) will analyse how young people consume, what marketing strategies appeal to them and how they will buy in the future. This analysis by Andrea Bell will try to understand what makes them make certain choices and what motivates them to do so.

  • From Netflix, which is coming to Cannes Lions for the first time, Ted Sarandos and Michael Kassan will discuss what they see as the future of entertainment and especially how they foresee streaming platforms wanting to gain a foothold in viewers’ lives by adding ever new viewing options (at 11:30 in the Lumiere Theatre, Palais I). 
  • Long-term Creative Effectiveness – Building Fandoms With the Star Trek Franchise’ (at 13:30 in the Debussy Theatre, Palais I), the Paramount event that brings Patrick Stewart and Alex Kurtzman to the festival, will discuss how the legacy and values of Star Trek continue to resonate with new generations and fans around the world. 
  • YDA will also be in Cannes, with a screening at 16:30 at the Olympia cinema to showcase the winning shorts from its Young Talent Festival and present the awards. It will then move on to the Radisson Blu Hotel for a farewell party.

Friday 24

  • To close Cannes Lions, the cycle of conferences has been extended by adding IKEA to its proposal for sustainability, which will be discussed in ‘IKEA’s Instruction Manual on How to Assemble a Global Circularity Movement’ with Anne Krogh and Adam Kerj (at 10:30 at The Forum, Palais I).
  • TiKTok will also be present, with ‘Community and Discovery Builds Connection on TikTok’ (at 11:30 in The Forum, Palais I), where Sofia Hernandez will give some of the keys to the engagement that the social network accumulates, where co-creating with users and valuing different cultural movements is key. But that’s not all, as the company has also launched #TikTokShortFilm, where international short films recorded in its famous format will compete.
  • WARK’s concept of effectiveness, to be more effective in the field of marketing, will be given a cycle that will last from 12:00 to 12:45 on the Discovery Stage, Palais I.
  • In the afternoon, Cannes Lions will close with a motivational message between ‘Take the Risk’ by Change The Ref, ‘Future Gazers – Inclusive Innovation, Livestreaming and Gen Z’ by Twitter (at 16:30 on Terrace Stage, The Terrace) and ‘Unleashing the New Logic of Creativity’ (at 11:30 on Terrace Stage, The Terrace).
  • Finally, to close this edition of Cannes Lions, the Happy Hour will start at The Terrace at 17:30 and will culminate with the closing party at Carlton Beach starting at 21:00. Until next year!