“Don’t shoo that fly, it’s got racord”.

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This week we bring you the shootings of: TwentyFour Seven, Palma Pictres, Only925, Good Company, Finesse, Ava., Antiestático…

TwentyFour Seven has shot in Barcelona for 3 days for an important luxury brand. With Mathery as director and Pau Castejón from DOP.Palma Pictures this week brings us a photoshoot they did a few weeks ago. It was for Porter magazine’s Net-a-Porter online shop and photographed by Misha Taylor.

Only 925 was shooting this week in several locations in Madrid with the director Javier Guridi and the agency Siberia…, soon they will be able to show us more things!
Good company has worked for Bollycao in one of those tricky campaigns… what seems very simple in a story sometimes is not so simple when you turn it into audiovisual… so CH Martínez had to rack his brains to execute the 6 pieces.

Finesse shows us the last piece they shot with their director Esther Padial, DOP Alejandro H. Madrid and the agency Smäll for Malquerida beer. Their aim was to create a powerful piece, full of energy and flavour, and they are very proud of the result. Red is the protagonist of this piece, it is the hallmark of this beer and obviously we made the most of it: bubbles, hot sauce, inks, neons, explosions, hibiscus, fire and above all a lot of passion.

Ava. shows us images of one of her top shootings made in the last months. Soon you will see the results.