Do you know what a carbon negative event is and how to do it?

By September 23, 2021 Blog, Sustainability No Comments

A few weeks ago we revealed the first Green Shooting APCP Guide in collaboration with Green The Bid, in it we tell you about practices to achieve sustainable production.

By putting into practice the actions that we collect in the Green Shooting Guide, we take measures to be the most sustainable festival possible. And as we announced weeks ago, thanks to the technology of our collaborators Creast and GremmKo, they will measure the carbon footprint generated by our festival and we will take measures to reduce emissions and we will compensate by reforesting trees by 10% more.

To offset the carbon footprint, our partner Aquaservice, official supplier of natural mineral water dispensers, will help us with an important part of the event. On the one hand, they are the first company in Spain to carry out urban distribution with electric trucks to reduce the carbon footprint. And on the other hand, they ensure the supply of natural mineral water bottled in reused plastic. This strategy is part of the circular system based on zero waste and carbon neutral.

Another measure is to use reusable, recycled, or organic / plant alternatives. Regarding this point, we found the alternative of making our APCP Awards trophies with a material called PLA for 3D printing. It is a material made from natural and renewable raw materials, such as corn starch. The main characteristic of this material is that it is a biodegradable polymer with a low impact on the environment.

By carrying out these two measures, we were able to fulfill the purpose that marks the first step of our Green Shooting Guide.