Diamonds Are Forever BBQ Party Cannes

By May 27, 2022 Blog No Comments

The Gerety Award returns to Cannes on Tuesday 21 June to celebrate the shortlist at its now famous Diamond BBQ party with hosts Tantor Films and partners Owned by Women, De Falcon and MSQ Partners.

The event is by invitation only. Jury members from this and previous years, participants and friends of the Gerety Awards can respond to the RSVP here.

For the past 20 years, Tantor Films has been a pioneer in unifying the talent, strength and diversity of the industry in Latin America, offering a first class service and creating professional relationships based on equality and respect.

Ingrid Bragemann, CEO of Tantor Films is also one of the founders of Owned by Women, a global coalition of companies operating in the advertising production industry, owned by women who support, promote and challenge each other in all aspects of commercial production. Ingrid commented: “This year we want, more than ever, to stand together. In these complicated times we live in with masks, protocols, limitations and endless paperwork, we realised that we are a true community of ideas, of film, of craft and we are moving forward. We are ready to keep fighting and keep supporting each other, believing that the future will always bring better times, more hope and more life to live together”.

Gerety co-founder Lucia Ongay commented: “The philosophy behind Gerety is totally in tune with that of Tantor Films, one of the most respected production services companies in the world. Ingrid and the whole team at Owned by Women are pioneers in creating a space for professional women in the production world, just as Gerety has opened a space to highlight the importance of the female lens in advertising. We are excited to return to Cannes this year to celebrate the Gerety shortlist with our partners Ingrid and Tantor Films.

The week leading up to the shortlist celebration, Gerety Jury Insights panels will be held live on YouTube with members of the executive jury from Brazil, Mexico, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and Japan.

As every year, the panel discussions will be held with partners from the international trade press, and will feature some of the juries from each country to discuss their favourite campaigns and trends. The shortlist finalists and trends will mark one of the milestones of the advertising industry at festivals this year.