Cinevent Online: Insurance Brokerage for the Audiovisual Industry

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Cinevent Online was born in February 2003 with the clear objective of providing the personalised and specialised service that the Audiovisual Industry requires when it comes to taking out the necessary insurance to protect its activity.

Today we talk about them as they collaborated on the tribute ‘Mujeres’ (Women), which the Spanish Association of Advertising Film Producers launched on March 8th.

Its way of working is close to the production companies. It always starts by advising them on the insurance route that best suits their regular activity, whether through annual, supplementary or individual policies for each project they develop.

The type of activity, the volume of business and the size of the productions is fundamental to find the most appropriate solution, especially with regard to advertising production.

This study, which they consider indispensable, will make the subsequent process of securing their products as agile and competitive as possible.

Their management is fast and decisive; their spirit is to solve problems, not to create them.

They explain to us that they only contract with leading companies in the European market, with vast experience in the coverage of the same, an imperative factor that enables a good understanding between the parties.

Their products offer full coverage for companies operating in any area of the Audiovisual Market:

  • All Risks for an Audiovisual Production, including all the guarantees that the project to be insured requires
  • Individual accidents (annual or temporary)
  • Civil Liability (annual or temporary)
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Good End Guarantee
  • Meteorological risks
  • Boat Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Political risk insurance
  • Etc…

The service that Cinevent Online offers extends to all types of productions, with extensive experience in the field of co-production, both European and American, as well as in the service of advertising production for foreign companies that come to shoot in Spain.

You can contact them by email y phone 916398256