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Our sponsor Oro Bestours informs us that the Spanish NDI will no longer be valid to travel to the United Kingdom from October.


After the entry into force of Brexit at the beginning of the year, from next October the 1st the NIE will not serve as a document to access British territory. Spanish citizens who do not have a passport could be barred from entering.


On that date, the national identity document (DNI) will no longer be valid to enter the United Kingdom, except for those Spaniards who have residence certificate. It will then be necessary to provide a passport to be able to get into the British territory. In addition, the passport should remain valid datewise for  “all the time that is in the United Kingdom”, informed sources of the British Government.


The British embassy explains that Spaniards can visit the United Kingdom for a maximum period of six months without a visa to go sightseeing, see family or friends, carry out short-term studies and business activities such as conferences.


The passport requirement as a form of access to the United Kingdom will not be exclusive to Spain, but IT will apply to other citizens of the European Union, the Single European Area and Switzerland.