This is how the Advertising Film Production Workshop in La Rioja went

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Yesterday we celebrated the first Autumn Advertising Film Production Workshop and we did it in La Rioja, with La Rioja Film Commission.

On Wednesday our partners from La Rioja Film Commission organised a complete scouting for some of the locations with the most filming potential, such as these: Centro De La Cultura Del Rioja, Monasterios Yuso Y Suso, Bodegas Bilbainas, Instalaciones El Pantano, Finca La Emperatriz, Bodegas Campoviejo, Parlamento De La Rioja…

On Thursday morning, the Filmoteca Rafael Azcona in Logroño hosted this first workshop where success stories were presented, sustainability in productions and the evolution of advertising creativity into fiction cinema were discussed…

The first round table was “When talent comes together, advertising makes cinema” with the participation of Virginia Mosquera – Creative Director at McCann Madrid, Oriol Uría – Co-founder and Executive Producer of Garage Films, Lucas Paulino – General Creative Director and founding partner of El Ruso de Rocky, Eva de Lera – Co Founder and Executive Producer of Lobo Kane.

They started talking about this union between fiction and advertising, they commented if there is really a flight of advertising towards cinema, they debated whether fiction can be accompanied by a client or if it would be better to leave it on its own in its pure form.

Los ponentes expusieron diferentes proyectos donde este maridaje entre ficción y publicidad ha resultado un verdadero éxito.

Oriol Uría talked about the RPM project, the fiction series in co-production with Vince Gerardis, Virginia Mosquera about “NO ME DA LA VIDA” a co-production of IGLOO FILMS & ENCANTA FILMS, directed by Alauda Ruiz De Azúa, Lucas Paulino told us how they made the short film “La inquilina” co-produced by Lee Films and associate producer Daniel Feito and Eva de Lera about their project “The road bad and the place dark”.

The school of advertising can be a great tool for storytelling in many formats, and advertising can also learn from fiction.

We may be in the midst of a new resurgence of advertising and film if the two work together.

After this very interesting debate it was time for “Women in the industry present their successes”, in this second block, professionals from the industry presented different projects.

Luna Esquerdo, Executive Producer at Bambina, started with a case study on Pikolin and explained how the industry is evolving towards greater diversity both in front of and behind the camera. Laura Serra, Executive Producer CANADA, continued, talking about the shooting of video clips and the different steps that are followed in the production, the difference in budgets, the relationship with the client and that it also helps as a window to get new advertising projects. Finally, María Jesús Horcajuelo, Founder and executive producer of Only 925, presented the XIAOMI project, Prime Time, Tierra Nueva directed by Rodrigo Corté. This brandend contend work was shot in La Rioja and María Jesús explained how it was to shoot there about the facilities and agilities they had with the Rioja Film Commission.

The third block was dedicated to sustainability in filming “Green Shooting: the importance of the Eco Assistant and Eco Manager” and was led by Oliver Lupiañez, Environmental Sustainability Manager at K is For Knowledge.

He explained the difference between the figure of the Eco Assistant and the Eco Manager, understanding that the Eco Assistant is responsible for ensuring that the actions can be carried out during the shooting, compiles the shooting data in a rigorous manner thanks to his presence on the set, and also has the task of evaluating all the data collected. The Eco Manager is that person with more knowledge in analysis and study of the project, evaluation and processing of data for the calculation of the Carbon Footprint, and sufficient knowledge to draw up a global Sustainability Plan for the project and thus generate an action plan.

The importance of the sustainability plan as it will be the guide to be followed from the very beginning.

The last block was dedicated to “Valuing the work of APCP’s producers”, and Mario Fornies and Inés Segura were responsible for doing so.

Inés Segura, Executive Producer of Primo, presented how she has progressed from in front of the camera to behind the scenes.

She explained the way she started in this sector, showing several success examples where she worked as a producer. She finished by talking about the well-known Pepsi spot “Nutmeg Royale”. The film shows what happens when you bring together three of the best footballers of all time: Leo Messi, Paul Pogba and Ronaldinho. It was made with a great team of Spanish professionals and emphasised the very delicate work and many hours of post-production.

The founder and Executive Producer of Blur, Mario Fornies, presented the project “An unlikely frienship” of Amazon Prime and the agency CYW and how they reached this incredible result, directed by Chris Balmond. A very important part of this project is the post-production company in charge of making the hyena Hatty. It was a very realistic and difficult 3D to make. Finally, after a hard-fought pitch, the postproduction company was The Mill.

Hatty was a challenge because it was not just a 3D element but a character and therefore had to adopt a series of behaviours that conveyed emotions.

To carry out this project, a team of more than 120 people, both national and international, was brought together, with the participation of director of photography Rob Hardy standing out.