Are you going to miss the talk on Eco Assistance in the audiovisual industry?

R4Films organized a conference for professionals within the framework of SUNCINE to talk about ”Eco Assistance in Audiovisual. Ensuring sustainable production shoots and festivals”.

This meeting will be attended by Adriana Piquet, as General Director of APCP, together with Oliver Lupiañez, responsible for sustainability at K is for Knowledge, Ana Vallejo, Sustainability Consultant, and Roser Canela, International Manager of the Albert program.

For those of you who do not know R4Films was born in 2018 as a space for collective reflection on good practices, as a tool to further explore the concept of green shooting in all audiovisual activities. A project driven by the entities: Catalunya Film Festivals (CFF), SUNCINE, Observatori de la Producció Audiovisual (OPA) and Productors Audiovisuals de Catalunya (PAC).