7. Creator’s Archive: a documentary project that brings together the voice and reflections of contemporary Spanish culture.

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An audiovisual project aimed at preserving the memory of the great Spanish artists, filmmakers, writers, actors, architects, chefs and philosophers. For a period spanning the following years, it will collect the legacy of a hundred creators who are fundamental in different disciplines.

This production has been made with the collaboration of our production company Lee Films, Amazon Prime Video, Fundación La Caixa and Audible.

The project has several formats: on the one hand, full conversations with an average duration of 10 hours, which can be viewed on the future digital platform of “La Caixa” Foundation and in different cultural centres belonging to it; and 50 minute chapters of condensed recordings that will be premiered on December 3rd,on Amazon Prime Video; there will also be a podcast version, with different content; and, further down the line, the complete transcript will be published in book form.

You can see the trailer here:

You can find more information here.