APCP Masterclasses Announcement

By December 29, 2021 Blog No Comments

A few weeks ago we announced that the association has organised a masterclass for 2022. 

We are very excited about this project and we want you all to be part of it. That’s why the classes will be free and will be taught online and some of them also in person. 

We have assembled a great group of professionals in each subject area to lead the different sessions. 

One of our objectives is the professionalisation of the sector, which is why we have created our training plan with six different mastersclasses, where you choose what you want to learn.

To help professionals and future professionals in the sector to learn new skills, advance their careers and explore their hobbies, while sharing their knowledge and projects with the community.

The first one will take place on 26 January on Sustainable Filming, how to be ECO assistant? Click here for all the information. 

The following sessions will be organised once a month: Make-up FX, Virtual Backgrounds, Editing, Taxation and Legality, and Actors and Actresses Direction. 

Download our information dossier here.